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Faithful to ESD CDM materials since 2009

The CDM range of antistatics composite materials, developped by Isola Composite (formerly Von Roll),  has mechanical characteristics and strengths far superior to standard products.

The glass mat structure avoids any delamination problems during machining or during the use of the weld frame.

Our premium material : CDM Grey 68940

  • Recognized performance for lead-free solders

  • Very good behavior at temperatures above 300 °

  • very good flow resistance

  • heatsink materials: 10E5 to 10E9 Ohm/square

  • Improved conveyor line detection thanks to a more efficient gray tint

  • low deformation

  • Excellent dimensional stability

Data sheets available on request.

Other material in stock : 

CDM 68910 and CDM 68630 for small and medium series

CDM 68920 for top paletts

Titanium for thin walls

Technical plastics, aluminum, steel...


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